CARS awarded 41 hr of VLA time (2016A)

Friday, November 13, 2015

The CARS team was awarded 41 hr of VLA time to study the role of neutral hydrogen in luminous active galaxies. A total of 16 galaxies from our Close AGN Reference Survey will be observed. The observations will provide the deepest H I images ever taken for these luminous nearby AGN down to M(HI)<=1.2e9 Msol/beam. Our observations will allow us to tackle three crucial questions linking luminous AGN and their host galaxies. Namely, we will (i) determine whether suppressed star formation (low H2/HI values), or rather strangulation (high H2/HI values), is at place in nearby luminous AGNs, compared to the non-AGN population at the same stellar mass and morphology stage; (ii) determine what is the dominant gas supply (H2 or HI) for nearby luminous AGN; and (iii) study whether it is AGN feedback, or rather environment, the dominant actor in suppressing star formation.

The 27 antennas of the VLA will observe during the first semester of 2016 sixteen galaxies of our CARS sample.