SOAR Optical/NIR Imaging Approved

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Deep NIR/Optical images were taken at the 4m SOAR telescope at Cerro Paschon, Chile, in September 2015. 14 sources were observed with the SOI optical imager and/or the SPARTAN Near Infrared detector over 4 nights, with 20 minutes of data taken per band for each source. We reached a S/N of 10 or more on the faintest outskirts of the galaxies for each NIR JHK and optical BVR band. Shown below are RGB optical composite images for three of the galaxies. The next SOAR run is scheduled for February 2016, from which we will obtain observations of the remaining galaxies in need of imaging data.

Composite BVR images of HE 0108-4743, HE 0232-0900, and HE 2211-3903, taken from SOAR in September 2015.