CARS meets SOFIA for first observations

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Two of the CARS team members recently had the chance to participate on SOFIA science flights in which CARS galaxies are observed with FIFI-LS. PhD student Gerold Busch and CARS team leader Bernd Husemann took-off with SOFIA on March 1 and March 9, respectively, for 10hour long science flights. The Mission: Detecting [CII] in these AGN host galaxies. Despite their low redshift, it is still a challange for SOFIA to get enough signal due to remaining earth atmosphere.  Luckly, [CII] could be detected in the majority of galaxies as planned. Detailed investigations  of the data will start once reduced by the FIFI-LS science teams and we are looking forward for additional data obtained from the southern deployment of SOFIA in Christchurch during July-August.

Left: CARS team member Gerold Busch in front of SOFIA before departure for an exciting science flight. Right: CARS team leader Bernd Husemann captures in front of the FIFI-LS instrument inside of SOFIA. Both shared the unique experience of flying on this amazing  plane at an altitude of 45000 feet.