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CARS Kick-off meeting in Cologne

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On Tuesday 17th 2015 the CARS team gathered in Cologne for the initial kick-off meeting. The location was chosen carefully to be most central between Paris, Potsdam and Munich. In addition, the working group of Andreas Eckart at the University of Cologne established the mother sample of CARS and performed initial observation of the sample.

Most of the team members attended the meeting either in person or joined in via internet from the US and Potsdam nodes. We had a very productive meeting discussing immediate science cases to be addressed with the data, additional follow-up observations for the next month, action items for the next month and logistical issue of the collaboration such as policies, team membership  and future meeting.

Our next team meeting will likely take place at ESO in Garching autumn this year.

Group picture at the end of the meeting. From left to right: Prof. Andreas Eckart, Barry Rothberg (big on screen), Davor Krajnovic (thumbnail on screen), Tanya Urrutia (thumbnail on screen), Bernd Husemann (below screen), Gerold Busch and Julia Scharwaechter.