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  • MUSE observations for CARS completed in P94

    Friday, January 16, 2015

    Between September 2014 and January 2015 all planed AGN host galaxies for P94 were observed with MUSE integral-field unit at the VLT in Chile. The data set consists of 19 objects which comprises already half of the CARS sample and the remaining objects are scheduled for observation in P95.  All observations passed the quality tests and have already been fully reduced. This is an existing milestone for our project and marks just the beginning of the CARS collaboration.

    The MUSE integral-field unit covers a large 1'x1' field-of-view with a sampling of 0.2" per pixel. Each pixel represent an entire spectrum ranging from 4750A to 9300A with a resolution of about ~2000. This allows us to extract a wealth of information ranging from stellar and ionized gas kinematics, probing the conditions for ionization or estimate the basic properties of the AGN like black hole mass, accretion rate and Eddington ratio.

    The figure below highlights the spectecular data taken by MUSE.  It shows a broad-band V/R/I and a Ha/[OIII]/I color image for the  AGN host galaxy HE 0351+0240. It is an obvious ongoing major merger system and reveals a complex network of highly ionized gas in filaments. To understand the nature of this gas and its relation to the AGN activity is a central science case for CARS.


    The spectacular VLT-MUSE data of HE0351+0240 were observed on 27/12/2014 during P94 observation for CARS. The left panel shows a broad-band V/R/I image and the right panel a hybrid Ha/[OIII]/I  emission-line/continuum color image. The green filaments indicate the location of highly ionized gas around the galaxies.