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3rd CARS team meeting

Monday, August 6, 2018

Twelve CARS team members met again for the annual meeting from 6-10 August 2018 in Heidelberg. We discussed the most recent results related to AGN outflows, star formation in AGN host galaxies, environment and kinematic properties of our 40 AGN host galaxies. Of course our changing-look AGN Mrk1018 got some special attention during the week, but the core of this galaxy still does not want to reveal it secrets. All aspects of our multi-wavelength data was discussed in detail and challenged with all the different experience we cover in the team.Again a hugely productive CARS with lots of exciting science results to be released on all aspect of AGN host galaxies. Stay tuned!

CARS team members having fun during our 3rd team meeting in Heidelberg. Picture was taken in front of the famous Heidelberg castle on the old bridge of the old town.