CARS awarded 200 ksec of Chandra Cycle 17 time

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The CARS team was recently awarded 200 kiloseconds of Chandra X-ray Observatory time to investigate two stunning discoveries made as part of our ongoing VLT/MUSE observations. The MUSE data for CARS targets Mrk 1044 and HE 0351+0240 have revealed what appear to be AGN-driven superbubbles sweeping outward through the galaxy. With the combined power of Chandra and MUSE, we will soon be able to directly test predictions from quasar-driven "hot wind" models, and better map the role that radiative AGN feedback might have on star formation throughout the galaxy.

Mrk 1044, one of the two galaxies for which the CARS team has been awarded forthcoming Chandra time in Cycle 17 (2016). Shown at left is a Hubble Space Telescope WFC3/UVIS composite. A preview of the spectacular CARS MUSE data for this source is shown in the inset.